Mercury CX is proud to deliver a range of programs and Funding that are curated each year to ensure we are driving continuous improvement and excellence in story creation. If you want to be kept abreast of what we are offering, subscribe to our industry mailing list.


In 2021 Mercury CX is offering three specific labs. 

These will be labs. 

The MCX Production Fund is a crucial production-outcome driven program for the emerging sector. The MCX Production Fund recipients will work closely with MCX industry development staff to build their production and marketing strategy for their projects. 


At least one key creative must me a Mercury CX Member to be eligible for the MCX Production fund. 

Participants in Springboard+ (link) will develop a project to a funding proposal stage and are encouraged to apply. 

Funding Rounds and Applications 

Applications for funding round 1 will open on August 2021.